Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I've never been able to get into the habit of keeping a Blog.

While it seems that things to say are seldom in short supply, all too often, people don't seem interested in anything I have to say; so I guess I have a hard time imagining that anyone might be interested in reading my innermost thoughts even once, let alone on an ongoing basis!

And in reality, recent experience on one or more of my Facebook pages has prompted me to wonder why I would care to share any of that with anyone but my most intimate relations, anyway.

Still the utility and the marketability of Blogs have proven to be very powerful indeed, so perhaps I should reconsider whether its a fair investment of my time.

In 2012, it became a foregone conclusion that if I were ever going to have a future worth living, that it would be up to me to make it happen.

All year long I was busily engaged in creating an acceptable production environment for video and audio production.  The nominal end goal was to use it to help me get to the Blind Auditions on Season 3 of NBC TV's "The Voice".

Though I did not ultimately receive a call back, I will be back in rotation again this winter, looking and sounding better than ever!